Monday, September 28, 2015

SUN-glasses or EYE-glasses related

Our Services: Sunglasses explains about:
- Solid Tints
- Photochromic Glass Lenses
- Transition Plastic Lenses
- Polarized Lenses

Monday, September 14, 2015

Determine if a G/L entry is a result of direct posting (or not)

Why is Gross Profit from Account Schedule Overview is significantly different than Profit from OLAP ?

Steps to investigate:
Make sure that Nett Sales figures from both sources are the same
In most cases, CoGS figures are different
CoGS on Acc. Shed. Overview is sum of balances of accounts number 420000..429999
Filter on G/L Entries table for accounts in that range AND System-Created Entry=No
Entries shown are the ones came from direct-posting

Other thing to consider:
If Adjust Cost Item Entries batch is still running while OLAP processing is also running, the resulted pivot in Excel may NOT show correct/final Cost Amount (and Profit)
To find out, perform this query on Business Analytics database:

SELECT  MAX(EntryNo_) AS Expr1 FROM  wLedgerEntryDimensionValueEntry

and compare the result with last entry created by ACIE batch (Source Code=INVTADJMT).

OLAP processing failed?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sejak kapan Romawi jadi Kristen ?

Apa yg membuat kerajaan Roma & Kaisarnya masuk Kristen padahal mrk yg menganiaya Kristen semulanya?
Di masa Konstantin, agama resmi Romawi adalah pemujaan matahari, dan Konstantin adalah pendeta kepalanya. Ketika itu, Konstantin menghadapi kenyataan, 3 abad sepeninggal Yesus, penganut Kristen tumbuh berlipat-lipat. Kaum Kristen dan pagan mulai berperang. Situasi dianggap mengancam dan memecah belah Romawi.
Konstantin memutuskan untuk menyatukan Romawi dalam sebuah agama tunggal, Kristen. Caranya, mengalihkan para penganut pagan pemuja matahari menjadi Kristen, dengan meleburkan simbol-simbol, tanggal-tanggal, serta ritus-ritus pagan ke dalam tradisi Kristen yang sedang tumbuh. Melalui Konsili Nicaea, Konstantin berhasil menciptakan agama hybrid yang dapat diterima kedua belah pihak.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vista/7: "Show processes from all users" failed

1.) when a standard user opens Task Manager and clicks on "Show processes from all users" nothing happens. It look like Task Manager is closing an re-opening but user can see only his processes.
2.) when a standard user opens Task Manager and clicks on "Performance" -> "Resource Monitor" the error: "Requested operation requires elevation" appears.

give the user administrator permission(resource monitor can be run under power user).
(from Error: "Requested operation requires elevation" - but UAC is turned off)

Windows 7 Resource Monitor Not Working (No data shown)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Firefox: Paste as plain text

How to paste as plain text in Firefox
Instead of pasting text using Ctrl-V, you simply use Ctrl-Shift-V to do so. The difference between both options is that the latter pastes the text without formatting while the former retains it. You can also hold down Shift while using the mouse to paste contents in the browser as this works fine as well.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Running Linux application on Windows using andLinux


To enable application install using apt-get:
..follow steps on "Repository Settings" here "sudo apt-get update" "sudo apt-get install krecipes"

Installing AndLinux
..Mount Windows Drives edit fstab, type "sudo nano /etc/fstab"
..what to put as uid and gid: How do I correctly mount a NTFS partition in /etc/fstab?

andLinux Wiki
..Installation / Demo Videos
..Quick Tips
..Press Review
..Howto: change andLinux network configuration
..Howto: keep your base.drv during update
..Howto: configure ubuntu with gnome desktop
..Howto: change default user
..Howto: access removable media from andLinux
..Howto: setup Windows printers
..Howto: user-defined file associations
..Howto: open externally accessible ports for SSH server, webserver, etc.
..Knowledge: andLinux Launcher
..Knowledge: Xming
..Knowledge: Installer parameters / silent installation

andLinux setup

Accessing removable media from andLinux using COFS

using andLinux (for windows)
..setting up Windows 7 firewall

andLinux installation
..andLinux is an Ubuntu distribution based on the gutsy release. After trying to build the source for liferea and
..running into problems with package versions being to old, I decided to try to upgrade the Ubuntu release to
..hardy. The following are the steps I took to complete the upgrade

Foreign Linux: run Linux binaries on Windows

Hunt for Recipe Management software

R1: Auto complete when entering ingredients
R2: Ingredient names auto complete when typing Procedure/Instruction

Living Cookbook 2015
- R1: Incorrect ingredients shown
- R2: not supported

+ A VERY COOL part of entering the recipe instructions is the Auto Completion feature! This is a real-time and effort saver if your instructions refer to many of the ingredients in your ingredient list, and/or if your ingredient names are lengthy. This is how it works —
In the “Apple Crisp” recipe shown in the screenshot, we have the ingredient “brown sugar”. As you begin typing “brown sugar” in your recipe instructions, Krecipes will match typed characters with ingredients in your recipe ingredient list and automatically complete the remaining characters.
- for Linux