Monday, April 11, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Google Earth and Google Maps related

How to view My Maps with "clean" interface (no menu box, no search box):
- Open Google Maps
- Open menu on top left corner (side panel)
- Click "My Maps"
- Click your map
- Collapse side panel

Obtain a wide area on Google Map with maximum zoom level
Google: create|capture|print|export|save wider|more|certain area google map highres|zoomlevel

Google earth with markers

Q: Rotating view on Goole Map on browser
A: No (from: Can i rotate google map?)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WORD: Mail merge with grouping

How to use mail merge to create a list sorted by category in Word
Just follow first example

If your merge document is using table and you want each group to start on new page, example on "Force each new category to a new page" section won't work
Instead, work on resulted merged document with macro described on this article (by raffaeleambrosio):
Replace character with page break
OR ....
(Never tried it though) Directory Mail Merge with table layout

Delete a table empty rows in word document using VBA

Alternative without using Word / Mail merge at all:
Conditional Page Breaks
Use Subtotal and check "Page break between groups" option

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Terkait AC mobil

[Surabaya-Sutorejo] Pemasangan AC Mobil Daihatsu Zebra 1.3

kompressor AC recommended untuk hijet 1000 adalah kompressor AC merk ND yang biasa di pakai di mobil xenia, avanza, ayla, agya dsb
Mengapa menggunakan kompressor AC merk ND?? karena kompressor tersebut sangat kecil dan tidak terlalu mangganggu performa mesin hijet 1000 kamu nantinya

Cara Membersihkan Evaporator AC Mobil Sendiri

Permasalahan seputar Air Conditioning (AC) mobil Suzuki SX4 X-Over
(pentingnya membandingkan beberapa tempat servis AC)

Kompresor AC Mobil serta berapakah harga AC Mobil ?
Apa yang terjadi jika AC mobil anda tidak dingin ? sudah pasti bensin anda akan menjadi lebih boros.
Kebanyakan tempat Service AC Menjawab nya itu masalah nya dari kompresor AC, sehingga custumer mau tidak mau membeli kompresor AC yang baru
Tolong di catat dan di kasih tau orang terdekat anda, jika ada masalah ac mobil yang perlu di perhatikan adalah : GANTI OLI KOMPRESOR NYAƂ  ( BUKAN GANTI KOMPRESOR NYA )

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remove broken Server 2003 domain controller

Forcing the Removal of a Domain Controller
Forced demotion should NOT be performed on the last domain controller in a domain

2000: Copy DTS package to another server

How to copy DTS 2000 packages between servers (and from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 and SQL 2008)

If this copy process is part of migrating Navision 4.0 Business Analytics' DTS packages, additional steps to register two .DLL files is required: PeriodTable.dll and QualityCheck.dll
(source: How to install Business Analytics for Navision)