Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Net send suddenly not working

An error occured while sending a message to ...
A general network error occured

Restart Messenger service

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

“Insufficient storage available” related

“Insufficient Storage Available” even there is lot of free space in device memory
Dial *#9900# (for Samsung only?)
see rhlee's answer for how to do the same thing if you get the "invalid MMI" error when you try this on a rooted, modded phone.
Basically, Delete dumpstate/logcat in SysDump clears out the log files in /data/log. But you can also do this manually without SysDump

Increase Internal Storage of Micromax A110 and any MTK Device

'Insufficient Storage Available' is one of Android's greatest annoyances. Here's how to fix it.
You can get a big-picture look at what is using up your internal and external space by installing DiskUsage, a free app that visualizes what's sitting around in storage.
Self experience: Cache of Download Manager

“Insufficient storage available”. Ok, but where?

[GUIDE] [FAT32] [EXT4] [SWAP] [2.3+] How to Partition your Android MicroSD Card

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

List all characters for certain pinyin

Use "Search by pinyin" on the left pane

Click on pinyin and link to characters will appear on top of the page

Tips: How to Use Google Pinyin Chinese Input Method
Download link:
Link 1
Link 2
To show/hide google pinyin toolbar: press ‘Alt’ + ‘Shift’

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hunt for tablet with 8" display and 1GB RAM

Review Tablet Acer Iconia A1-811 Kelebihan dan Kekurangan


Acer Iconia Tab A1-811
Dengan harga 1.99jt, saya mendapatkan paket tablet, sleeve case Acer dan charger.  Anda harus membeli lagi microSD dan microSIM jika ingin menambah kapasitas penyimpanan dan koneksi data.

TREQ Mini 3G
+ 7-day replace:
Tablet TREQ adalah satu Produk yang di handle oleh SSSC oleh karena itu TREQ mendapatkan Garansi 3 Tahun sesuai dengan garansi Resmi dari SSSC. 3 Tahun itu meliputi 7 hari Replace dengan syarat bahwa Screen Guard yang terpasang saat pembelian baru tidak dilepas dan Screen Guard Bonus dari setiap pemeblian Tablet TREQ tidak dipasang terhelebih dahaulu. Selanjutnya adalah 1 tahun Garansi Spare Part dan 2 Tahun Garansi Service. Untuk masa berlaku dari Garansi setiap item Tablet TREQ dapat anda cek pada website resminya yaitu di sssconline.

- belum ada cara root
lihat di About mungkin ada info berguna

from How to Root Android: Our Always-Updated Rooting Guide for Any Phone or Tablet:
The Towelroot Method is designed for any Android device with a kernel build date of June 3rd, 2014 or older. The only exceptions to this rule are HTC devices, so chances are, your phone or tablet is covered by this method.
With Towelroot, there's no harm in trying. Simply run the app, and you'll likely be rooted. If not, the worst-case scenario is that the app tells you it couldn't root your device, so you've got nothing to lose.

- chat dengan cs pada 15 Sep 2014:
cs02_sssc:‎ untuk ganti batt ke kapasitas yg lebih besar tdk bisa pak soalnya itu uda kapasitas dari bawaanya segitu

* link ke firmware asli ada di TREQ MINI 3G

Bukalapak - Surabaya: 1,8jt


KomKom - THR Surabaya: 1,8jt

Evercoss AT8

Advan T5C
[Official Lounge] Advan Vandroid All type

Andromax Tab 8.0

Monday, September 1, 2014

Unsolved cases

How to configure Windows Firewall to allow EXPLORER.EXE's outbound connection to LAN but not to Internet

Monday, August 25, 2014

Adempiere/Idempiere usage related

one default account to more than one account

ADempiere and iDempiere Role Management Best Practices

(Idempiere) Inventory Move Between Two Warehouse On Two Organization

User A, in Org A, having authorities  on Warehouse A and Locator A1, A2, and A3.
User B, in Org B, having authorities on Warehouse B and Locator B1, B2, and B3.
Access for both users are restricted to their own Org. Meaning User A cannot see Warehouse B and vise versa.
How can they set the destination warehouse / locator if they cannot see it?
If you give both users access to all Orgs, then how do you restrict user A not to use Warehouse / Locator B as source?

(Windows Client) Search menu:
There's a "Lookup" field on the bottom right corner
Type (for example) "product" on the field then press Enter
Press Enter again to find next occurance

A menu added onto the Navigation Bar is saved into the user's Role. All of the users connected to this Role can access the predefined menu listed in the Navigation Bar.